Supportive Treatment for Jewish Teens

Moriah Behavioral Health is proud of our dedicated track of treatment for Jewish teens. At Moriah, our commitment to helping Jewish adolescents and their families extends beyond providing a top quality, evidenced-based treatment program that helps teens from the Jewish community.

Our program offers homes that are gender specific and Kosher, with food and facilities certified by the local Orthodox Rabbinate. These homes reflect the religious needs and desires of our Jewish clients, to create a warm, Jewish home environment.

Treatment also includes the ongoing presence and support of our rabbis and their wives for clients, as well as their families. Our goal is to provide a corrective experience for teens that is also emotional and spiritual.

We understand the unique needs of the Jewish community and we work closely with communities worldwide to ensure that care is provided to clients and their families in a manner that is sensitive to the needs and expectations of the family and community, while centered on the needs, safety, and process of each client.

Rabbi Levi and Mrs. Nechama Harlig

Rabbi Levi and Mrs. Nechema Harlig are part of Chabad of Southern Nevada. The Harlig family provides spiritual support and education for clients within our Jewish treatment track, as well as close guidance, support, and comfort for their families.

Rabbi Mendel and Mrs. Jacobs

Rabbi Mendel and Mrs. Yasmine Jacobs live in Las Vegas, within walking distance to a few of our facilities. Rabbi Mendel and Yasmine have years of experience working in residential treatment and provide our Jewish clients with support in their spiritual journeys alongside their clinical recovery.

Warm Religious Support

At Moriah, our programs have the support of multiple Rabbis and their wives to offer warmth, support, and positivity. With daily visits and visitation both on-site and offsite, religious support is an integral part of treatment for Jewish teens. Rabbis are integrated into the program and are able to participate in therapeutic sessions and work directly with the treatment team.

Clients are able to participate in and celebrate Jewish holidays and Shabbat services.

“Imagine you could open your eyes and see only the good in every person, the positive in every circumstance, and the opportunity in every challenge.” – The Rebbe

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