Dr. Julia Kannard, CPC, DBH, MS

Dr. Julia Kannard, CPC, DBH, MS

Clinical Director

Dr. Kannard has worked extensively with clients struggling with eating disorders, substance use, and general mental health concerns at all levels of care from outpatient to inpatient treatment. Earning her BA in Psychology from Arizona State University, MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix, and Doctorate of Behavioral Health from Arizona State University, Dr. Kannard’s wealth of knowledge in the field of Psychology, Mental Health, and Integrated Health Care is exceptional.

Her first job in the field of mental health was at Remuda Ranch Center for Anorexia and Bulimia. During this time, she decided to become more immersed in eating disorder treatment and developed her clinical competency as a therapist. She has contributed towards developing intensive mental health treatment programs for youth and adults, as well as assisting mental health facilities and primary care facilities to transform into integrated health care facilities, recognizing the need for wrap-around and multi-disciplinary services for individuals with acute treatment needs. She is a Board-approved Supervisor for the state of Nevada, and enjoys guiding staff in their own professional development to become skilled and confident therapists.

Dr. Kannard’s passion for working with individuals and families on their journey to overcome mental health concerns and eating disorders, stems from her personal struggles with both as a youth. She is able to connect with Moriah clients and families authentically, helping them understand that while the road will be challenging, recovery is possible and attainable.

Why I do the work that I do:

This work allows me the opportunity to walk as a fellow traveler with my clients, and show them that they all have the power to reclaim their lives. I get to give a voice to parents and invite them into treatment as experts in their children, while joining with the treatment team as experts in mental health/eating disorders. Everyday I have the privilege to work alongside my immensely talented team to wrap around our clients and families in their time of need, providing a safe space for them to begin their healing.