Our Mission

The mission of Moriah Behavioral Health is to provide the highest quality treatment for every client, to foster self-discovery, healing, and peace of mind.  We do this by employing the best staff whose competency, compassion, and caring ignites trusting relationships with clients and their loved ones. At Moriah, it’s all about relationships.

We view our client’s loved ones as critical members of the treatment team and ensure they are active participants in the therapeutic process. Communication with loved ones, referring professionals, and our client’s support team in their local community is the foundation to our success.

Our mission does not end when a client is discharged from one of our programs. We provide ongoing support and resources that lasts years. We love to say, ‘we’re with you for life’.  This means we want our clients and families to choose life by engaging in Moriah’s ongoing positive resources as long as they desire…. indeed, for life!  Our parent and client alumni activities, meetings and virtual therapy services are there to support the well-being of our clients for as long as they need them.  We love the beauties of life – we want you to enjoy them too… we’re with you for life!