Trauma Treatment

What is Trauma?

No matter how hard you try, you cannot protect teens from all trauma. When your teen feels severely threatened by an event, we consider that event a trauma. Trauma can be acute, chronic, or complex and range from natural disasters to bullying and many other events. Teens, just like adults, can experience trauma in many different ways and their symptoms can be just as varied.


When Is Trauma Treatment Appropriate?

If your teen has gone through trauma and they are struggling to heal from it, it can affect their day-to-day life. When trauma or its aftermath becomes an obstacle to life, your teen can benefit from professional treatment. We provide multiple levels of treatment, so your teen is supported throughout the treatment process and beyond.


Dealing with trauma is different for everyone. Our trauma treatment programs provide a complete therapeutic experience for teens struggling with trauma. We work directly with our clients, and their loved ones, to ensure they are able to live a healthier life and become their best self.


What type of Treatment is best?

Each teen is affected differently by trauma and they have different clinical needs. We connect with our clients and determine the best level of treatment for where they are now. We believe every teen deserves the most effective and encouraging treatment experience. Our programs provide multiple levels of care for teens including residential, partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), virtual therapy, supported living, and alumni support, so we are able to match treatment experiences to clinical needs.


Keys to Success

Every teen deserves to be safe and supported while they deal with their trauma. Our focus is on helping them grow and gather the skills needed for life during and after treatment. Three of the keys to teens growing through our treatment programs are education, family involvement and therapeutic support.



We believe school and education is important for teens. During our treatment programs, we partner with local educational professionals to ensure our clients can continue their schoolwork in a way that meets their style and their needs.


Family Involvement

Research has proven how important family involvement is for successful treatment outcomes. Those closest to the client can help provide context and recommendations that can inform productive treatment goals. We recognize that family is often closer than anyone to our clients and they can provide the encouragement and support that is so important. To support the family directly as well as help strengthen the support system, we offer educational resources to family members.


Therapeutic Support

Individual therapy, group therapy, experiential therapy and other therapeutic activities are at the heart of our programs. With individual therapy and group therapy sessions, your teen is able to grow and better understand. While experiential therapies and therapeutic activities including music therapy, art therapy, equine therapy, yoga, hiking, and others, help continue that growth and healing.