Parent Engagement & Alumni Support

Why Parent Engagement Matters

At Moriah, our Parent Engagement begins as soon as your child begins our program. Parent engagement opportunities allow for parents to be informed and supported in their child’s treatment, learn from members of the treatment team, and share similar emotions and milestones with fellow parents experiencing treatment alongside their child. We strive to wrap our parents in services and support to feel equipped to be successful not only during treatment, but well after discharge. We offer several opportunities for parents to learn skills and receive support, to ensure each client is returning to the healthiest, most prepared family system possible. Uniquely, our parent engagement opportunities are available for current parents, alumni parents, and interested parents with Moriah. Our parent engagement opportunities include:

Parent CafeA weekly parent process group hosted by our clinical department.

Parent Psychoeducation GroupA bi-weekly parent group that explores various areas of educational opportunities for parents.

Academic Support Group- A monthly group that allows for extra support surrounding educational plans and general inquiries.

Hannah Rawson, MSW-I, CADC-I
Alumni Program Supervisor

How Our Alumni Program Supports You

The parent and client alumni services at Moriah Behavioral Health are available for life – for as long as you need us. We own our mission of self-discovery, healing, and peace of mind by providing every client and family with the ongoing resources and support to ensure you never feel like you are alone in your journey.

Our vast experience and clinical expertise inform us about the continuing value of feeling connected as you strive for ongoing progress and growth. To help aid in this process, the alumni services offered include weekly virtual meetings, activities, useful resources for aftercare, and therapeutic learning opportunities with our clinicians. Each client and their support system are invited to take advantage of our program and continue on the road to recovery and healthy living.

Supporting You After Treatment

After completing treatment with Moriah Behavioral Health, our clients are equipped with coping skills and therapeutic knowledge to better navigate their life. Our alumni program wants to celebrate the treatment success of our client’s accomplishments, while also being present when extra support is needed for our alumni and their families.

Below are just a few of the many benefits of joining our alumni program:

  • A more seamless transition from treatment to home life
  • Being apart of a network of clients and families that share a similar experience
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Wellness check-ins
  • Continued therapeutic support and learning opportunities

Learn More About Our Alumni Program

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