Bipolar Disorder Treatment

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a condition that causes extreme mood swings and shifts in energy, activity, and concentration. Moods can range from very “up” or manic episodes to very “down” or depressive episodes. During depressive episodes, teens may feel hopeless or lose interest in most activities, while during manic episodes they may be full of energy, feel elated or irritable.


When Is Treatment Appropriate?

If your teen is dealing with bipolar disorder and it is interfering with their daily life, treatment at Moriah can help. Bipolar disorder does not get better on its own, if you are seeing signs of depression or mania, seeking treatment can help. We offer several levels of treatment for teens struggling with bipolar disorder, to meet their needs at an appropriate level of care.



What type of Treatment is best?

At Moriah, the individual needs of each client drives the level of treatment. We meet each of our clients where they are with their needs at the time of admission. We understand that each teen and their loved ones are in a unique situation. We develop a treatment plan to meet the client’s specific needs at the time of admission. To provide an appropriate level of treatment for each of our clients, we provide multiple levels of care including residential, partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), virtual therapy, supported living, and alumni support.


Keys to Success

Within each of our programs, we support teens in a comfortable environment while providing the skills and knowledge that will help them live a healthy minded life. Our programs offer comprehensive therapeutics. In addition to those therapies, there are some other factors that can help lead to positive outcomes.


Family Involvement

Family involvement has been proven to be a significant factor in successful treatment for teens. At Moriah, it is a central part of our programs.  Those closest to your teen know them best and can provide helpful information that can inform treatment goals. Family and loved ones are also the best support and encouragement for the client throughout treatment and beyond.



For those of our clients still in school, we understand that keeping up and academic progress are important. To support schoolwork, we work with local education professionals to provide the tools and resources clients need to stay on track or get back on track with their schoolwork.


Therapeutic Support

By including individual therapy, group therapy, experiential therapy and other therapeutic activities teens are able to focus on healing. Through our therapeutic program, your teen is able to gain effective coping skills and connect with their issues. We also offer experiential therapies and therapeutic activities including music therapy, art therapy, equine therapy, yoga, hiking.