Depression Treatment

What is Depression?

Teens dealing with depression have moments of sadness, hopelessness, or discouragement that can be overwhelming. Depression is different than mood changes or short-lived emotional episodes; teens will have changes in their level of ability to function in school or at home and it can lead to a variety of physical problems as well. It is estimated that one in six people will experience depression at some time in their life and it can often first appear in the teen years.


When Is Treatment for Depression Appropriate?

When depression starts effecting the daily life of your teen, it is time to seek guidance and professional help. We understand teens struggling with depression and we can help. With several levels of support and care for teens struggling with depression, we know how to help them through their issues to a healthier place.

When your teen is dealing with depression, the answers are never easy. From the moment we first meet you, through the treatment experience and beyond, we work with you so your teen can be supported and reach their full potential.



What type of Depression treatment is best?

Every client that comes to Moriah is special and their clinical needs are no less unique. As we meet each of our clients, we get to know them and learn their individual needs.


As clients progress in their lives and through treatment, we are able to provide treatment the level of treatment that matches their needs at that time. We provide residential, partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), virtual therapy, supported living, and alumni support.



Keys to Success

Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment for your teen to gain information and skills about their depression and the issues related to it. Education support, family involvement, and therapeutic support are key in bringing about the change your teen needs.




When clients come to Moriah, they are often behind with schoolwork. Through resources and tools at our program, we help them keep up and catch up. The school program is provided in partnership with local educational professionals, to offer a full range of support.


Family Involvement

Family support and encouragement are critical in helping your teen make the changes necessary to live a healthy minded life. Family involvement is an important part of successful treatment, that fact has been proven by research. Those closest to your teen know them the best, are most able to provide meaningful input, and are the best support system throughout treatment and beyond. Another part of family involvement at Moriah also included family education. Knowledge is a powerful tool in supporting your teen and we are dedicated to helping.


Therapeutic Support

Our therapeutic programs include individual therapy, group therapy, experiential therapy and other therapeutic activities as the heart of our programs. With individual therapy and group therapy, your teen is able to learn more about the issues around their depression and effective coping mechanisms.  With art therapy, music therapy, yoga, hiking, and equine therapy among our therapeutic activities, your teen will experience a variety of approaches to support them.