About Us

Moriah Behavioral Health is a comprehensive healthcare system for the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders and eating disorders, offered in separate programs. Moriah provides a full continuum of care for adolescents and teens of all genders struggling with mood and anxiety disorders as well as adult and adolescent females struggling with eating disorders.

Moriah Behavioral Health has been providing therapeutic services since 2018. Our treatment model is designed to meet clients wherever they are in their recovery journey, at whatever stage in life, and to help them and their loved ones develop the skills needed for lasting recovery. We care without compromise.

Moriah is determined to change the mental health and eating disorder fields for the better. Moriah offers both gender specific and gender inclusive environments. Our goal is to allow all persons, their loved ones, and communities access to the resources needed to provide ongoing support for a life of freedom.

One of the distinguishing features of Moriah is our alumni client and loved ones programs. Our core philosophy is to provide clients and loved ones with ongoing support and resources for life. We are committed to working with clients and families long after discharge, forming a life-long relationship of encouragement, support, and resources fostering life-long health and healing.

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