Social Issues

What are Social Issues?

There are a number of concerns that are related to social issues. These can include body image and self-esteem concerns, social anxiety, and complex family relationship issues. When your teen lacks the confidence about who they are, what they look like, or what they can do, they may be struggling with self-esteem and/or body image. Social anxiety disorder is an intense fear of being watched and/or judged by others. This fear is consistent for teens dealing with social anxiety and can affect work, school, and other activities.


When Is Treatment Appropriate?

The issues described above can impact the progress and daily life of your teen. When they are struggling to keep up or having trouble with daily interactions, treatment can help.

Every struggling teen will have different clinical needs, based on their situation and a combination of factors. At Moriah, we work directly with our clients and their loved ones to develop and reach treatment goals. Our programs are designed to help clients find their path, supporting healing and long-term recovery.




What type of Treatment is best?

Every teen with social issues may have a different combination of needs. We meet our clients where they are, assessing their unique situation and tailoring treatment to be the most efficient and effective while encouraging them throughout.