Academics at Moriah

At Moriah, many of our clients are still of school age and working through their academic journey. Whether your teen is looking to catch up on school, or stay caught up, we understand the importance of academic support for our clients.

One of Moriah’s core values is the belief in the potential of every individual. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment that recognizes and celebrates the unique strengths and talents of our clients. By tailoring our educational program to meet individual needs, we can empower our clients to build the skills and resilience necessary to navigate life’s challenges successfully.


To ensure all students can be supported at their own pace, a full course catalog is offered that includes advanced courses and College and career courses.


Educational support at Moriah offers accredited K-12 curriculum for all students.

Credits & Transcripts

When courses are completed, they are credited and transcripts can be provided. We also offer activities that can have experiential credit awarded for physical education, health & wellness, or art and music.


Needed courses can be added at any time throughout the year and progress from previous schools can be transferred.

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