Anxiety Disorder Treatment

What is Anxiety Disorder?

While feeling anxious is sometimes part of life, an anxiety disorder is when those feelings are more than occasional or do not go away. With an anxiety disorder, fears about work, health, family, social relationships, or daily life stay with you and can get worse over time. Anxiety disorders can include repeated episodes, can come on suddenly, and can interfere with daily activities. Anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and phobias including social anxiety disorder.


When Is Anxiety Treatment Appropriate?

When anxiety interferes with the daily life of a teen, we can help. With several levels of support and care for teens struggling with anxiety, we understand the issues they face. Our goal is to help them learn proper coping skills and important resources to get them back on track and help them stay on track.

There is no easy answer when a teen is struggling with anxiety. From the beginning, when our team first speaks with you, we will work side by side with you to ensure that your teen is supported in reaching their full potential.


What type of Treatment is best?

Each teen and their loved ones are dealing with a unique environment and clinical needs. At Moriah Behavioral Health, we meet our clients where they are and personalize treatment to match their individual needs, in the most effective and encouraging manner. In order to provide treatment for all clients at an appropriate level, we provide multiple levels of care for teens including residential, partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), virtual therapy, supported living, and alumni support.


Keys to Success

The goal for all of our treatment programs is to help your teen feel safe and supported while gaining the knowledge and skills that will help them get back on track and learn to manage their anxiety in a healthy way. In support of that goal, there are some keys to having the most successful treatment outcome.


Therapeutic Support

Therapeutic support through individual therapy, group therapy, experiential therapy and other therapeutic activities is the core of our programs. With sessions including individual therapy and group therapy, your teen is able to learn about their anxiety and effective coping mechanisms.  With experiential therapies and therapeutic activities including music therapy, art therapy, equine therapy, yoga, hiking, and others, your teen is further supported in their treatment.



School support at Moriah is custom tailored by level of care and the educational needs of the client. We provide a combination of tools and resources through our team and local educational professionals. Through this program, we help our clients keep their schooling on track or get them back on track.


Family Involvement

Research has shown that family involvement is a key factor in successful treatment outcomes. Family input helps provide useful information and more productive treatment goals; those closest to your teen know them better than anyone else and are able to provide the best encouragement and support system. Our programs are also dedicated to helping educate the loved ones of our clients through resources about anxiety and how to support their teen.