Edna House

Eating Disorder Treatment for Adolescent Females

Why we do, What we do

This work allows me the opportunity to walk as a fellow traveler with my clients, and show them that they all have the power to reclaim their lives. I get to give a voice to parents and invite them into treatment as experts in their children, while joining with the team as experts in eating disorders. Everyday I have the privilege to join with my immensely talented team to wrap around our clients, providing a safe space for them to begin their healing.

-Dr. Julia Kannard         

I work at Moriah because I believe the clients that walk out aren’t the clients that walked in, because of their own dedication to their recovery and our staff assisting them along the way. The clients love the art therapy programs and really connect with the therapists while engaging in free expression. I think it is a good diversion from old fashioned talk therapy groups, especially for the adolescents. 

– Alexa Adair

I have always wanted to work in a field where I could help and educate people. Working here gives me the opportunity to do just that! Working in hospitals prior to Moriah gave me the knowledge and expertise to excel in aiding individuals with eating disorders.

– Axel Sacayon