Kandi Orozco

Kandi Orozco

Director of Admissions

Kandi Orozco serves as the Director of Admissions at Moriah Behavioral Health, a position reflecting her more than 17 years of experience in mental health care. After relocating to the Las Vegas area from Orange County, California in 2015, Kandi has focused her professional efforts on the essential task of guiding clients and their families on their treatment journeys.

Her background, including roles in admissions, utilization review and SUD counseling, informs her methodical and empathetic approach. Recognizing the complexity of mental health diagnoses, Kandi leverages her knowledge to provide appropriate assistance to those seeking help.

A strong proponent of collaboration and teamwork, Kandi emphasizes the collective contributions of her colleagues at Moriah. Her belief in coordinated effort ensures a cohesive and effective service delivery to clients and their families.

Kandi’s commitment to her role is characterized by professionalism and a deep understanding of the mental health field. Her interactions with clients are guided by respect, clarity, and the recognition that each individual’s path to recovery is unique.