Moriah Behavioral Health expands program locations

Moriah is proud to announce that Ignite Teen Treatment and Eden Center for Eating Disorders are now part of Moriah Behavioral Health. The programs will continue to treat the same diagnoses and populations now within the mission of Moriah.

The mission at Moriah is contained within the phrase “with you for life”. With you for life at Moriah represents their commitment to engaging clients and their loved ones during treatment and beyond. Client and family alumni support never stops, continuing to provide meetings, activities, and resources.

“I am excited to bring all of the Ignite and Eden programs into Moriah. The Moriah brand brings an integrated service for our families, referral sources, and payers to access our world-class, broad therapeutic continuum of care for mental health” stated Mendi Baron, LCSW, CEO and Founder.

“Uniting as ‘One Moriah’ allows us to bring together our vast clinical talent and management resources to continuously enhance our quality services for clients and families” said Mark Hobbins, President and COO.

Moriah operates a full continuum of care for eating disorder treatment for adolescent and adult females and mood & anxiety treatment for teens, in separate locations. Moriah is dedicated to providing the highest quality treatment for every client while fostering healing and self-discovery.

The mood & anxiety programs at Moriah provide treatment for teens and adolescents with anxiety, depression, self-harm and a range of mental health diagnoses. Moriah programs provide treatment while supporting each client as a person.

The eating disorder program at Moriah provides multiple levels of treatment for adolescent and adult females struggling with eating disorders as a primary diagnosis. Moriah’s team understands the complex nature of eating disorders and the need for support during and after treatment.

June 07, 2022 |