Scott Vickers

Scott Vickers

Director of Admissions

Scott Vickers brings a wealth of experience and personal dedication to his role as the Director of Admissions. With a background spanning various facets of the rehabilitation and counseling field, including halfway houses, inpatient rehab facilities, and outpatient counseling centers, Scott possesses a deep understanding of the challenges individuals and families face when seeking treatment for mental health issues.

What sets Scott apart is his own journey of recovery, which has not only equipped him with firsthand knowledge of the struggles involved but has also instilled in him a profound sense of empathy and compassion. Having experienced the transformative power of kindness and support from others during his own recovery process, Scott is committed to paying it forward by providing the same level of care and understanding to the clients and families he works with at Moriah.

In his role as Director of Admissions, Scott collaborates closely with families to guide them through the admissions process and assess the needs of their loved ones. By working in tandem with the clinical team, he ensures that each individual receives the appropriate level of care tailored to their unique circumstances.

Scott’s personal journey serves as an inspiration not only to his colleagues but also to the clients he serves. His unwavering dedication to supporting others on their path to recovery reflects Moriah’s commitment to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to those in need. Through his leadership and example, Scott fosters an environment of hope, healing, and encouragement, empowering individuals to embark on their own journey towards health and happiness.