Social Media and Teens

With the advent of social media, there has been a growing concern over how use of online platforms is effecting teens and their lives. From overuse to online bullying to a multitude of advertisements, there can be realistic dangers associated with social media use for teens. In response to some concerns around social media companies and the minors who use their platform, the California legislature has decided to take action.

In California, they have passed legislation, now headed to the Governor for signature, that requires social media companies to take both the mental health and physical health of teen users into account. This proposed law targets any business that provides an online “service, product, or feature” that teens and children may access to comply with privacy regulations, among others.

For teens, social media is often integrated into their daily life. Along with things like friends, school, hormones, relationships, and extracurricular activities, today’s teens must also navigate the online world. Where private lives and spaces existed before, smartphones have brought cameras and social media. In some cases, your teen may become lost and have a harder time disconnecting.

If social media is taking up an abnormal amount of time, focus, and or attention for your teen, it may be time to look more closely. As with many things, social media, in moderation, can be a positive in the life of teens. But when disconnecting brings anxiety, depression, or outbursts, it can be sign of social media overuse. Social media overuse can lead to significant issues including social anxiety and other mood and anxiety diagnoses. If your teen is struggling with social media overuse, therapeutic intervention can help.

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September 08, 2022 |