Treatment for the Jewish Community

Moriah Behavioral Health is proud to have treatment available for the Jewish Community. We work closely with the Jewish community and local Chabad to develop a supportive program for our Jewish clients.

In addition to the fully Kosher facilities and gender specific homes, Rabbis and Rebbitzens visit the facility regularly during the week to spend time, learn, and bond with our Jewish clients, at the pace and desire of the client. They also supply chizuk (support) for the families, and Shabbos (Sabbath) treats, candles (religious articles), and more for the clients.

We understand the unique needs of the Jewish community and we work closely with communities worldwide to ensure that care is provided to clients and their families in a manner that is sensitive to the needs and expectations of the family and community, while centered on the needs of the client.

This process enables our clients to feel safe and not pressured to conform to any particular standards, while still providing resources and infrastructure so that when they want or need religious guidance and support, it is readily available with Kosher and religious support a “built-in” feature of the program.